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Minneapolis / St Paul Area Front End Web Developer

My name is Stephen Jensen and I am the designer/developer of this site. I'm a Front End Web Developer working for over 9 years in the Greater Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area. I work with web, graphic, interactive and programming to develop user-friendly, multi-browser, multi-platform, multi-device websites.

Some of my qualifications

My résumé demonstrates my experience and proficiencies in XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, jQuery, CMS, Quality Assurance, hand-coded sites, HTML5, CSS3, Flash, jQuery Mobile, 508 Accessibility, CVS, MS Office, JIRA, MovableType, WordPress, Social Media, VPN, pixel perfect. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari; PC/Mac/Tablet/Mobile Phone; Chrome DevTools, Firefox Aurora, IE F12 Tools. Please visit my projects page to see what technologies, strategies and processes I am currently working on.

Building websites/web tools

I have worked on projects from the beginning of information gathering with clients, designers, copywriters, business analysts, programmers, project managers, account managers and other developers. Through the reviews/discusions of creative briefs, copy decks, sitemaps, business analysis and development of front-end and back-end code. Projects that take five to six months from inception - where all the code is mine - to final deliverables and "going live".

I have also worked with projects where the employees work independantly as the part of an Agile well-oiled machine, completing all their work before handing it off to the next group. Where my job is to add code to templates to test locally, upload to integration and self QA within five to six hours before I move onto the next task.

Both are unique experiences with their own merits/pit-falls but one thing remains constant - where ever I am, I absolutely love what I'm doing.

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If you would like to speak with me more about my qualifications, experiences and what I can do for you please feel free to contact me.