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Changes, edits and additions

Spring 2014:

  • Revisted the font-size and line-height of my content, headlines... everything. I want the computed sizes to come out as the whole numbers I intended them to be but I was having some issue when I comes to re-sizing a font that has a parent element that was also re-sized. basically, inheritance issues. I started my research at PX to EM conversion made simple. It helped me to understand the conversions again and I was able to solve the problems, the H1s are now 30, the H2s are now 16 and so on. I also revisted readablitiy on my site and expanding the line-height of my content by making all the content have a line-height of 6px more than the size of the font across the board. Using the Golden Ratio Calculator helped me to figure out what I liked best. However, according to the Golden Ratio Calculator, I should have been targetting 9px for my line-height to font-size ratio... Never-the-less, I went with what I liked.
  • Added much needed page redirects to .htaccess file for pages that had been reorganized and moved using knowledge gained from How do I redirect my site using a .htaccess file?. Also decided to recreate the pages to test a suggestion made by a post on How To Redirect From An HTML Page using redirect meta, window.location.href javascript and a plain link in the content if all the above failed to redirect.
    • All pages(13) besides 2 are redirecting properly. Will check back on this in a day or two incase it is a cache issue.
  • Updated pages "Mark as fixed" in Google Webmaster tools dashboard panel for

Winter 2014:

Fix "Other needed changes" issues with

  • Created Responsive jQuery Flexslider page to try out Valeriu Timbuc's edits made to MooTools Flexslider script.
  • Added Twitter widget for my Twitter account to home page only. My Twitter account is linked to my WordPress blog and essentially acts as a replacement for a blog page on my portfolio site.
  • Working on web accessibility issues - improving 508 compliance.
    Did my research at:
    • WebAim articles and using the WebAim Wave web accessibilty evaluation tool - although I don't understand why it is showing my main nav as having two index.html links when I know I only have one. This is some sort of bug.
      • Putting web accessibility on hold for the time being.
  • Fixed Google CSE Search search page and search results page issue.
  • Created javascript smooth scroll page to try out Chris Ferdinandi's Smooth Scroll script on GitHub.
  • Created css optimization page to test CSS Optimization techniques.
  • Moved projects content to changelog page to reduce content redundancy.
  • Optimize site performance
    • Optimized images using FileOptimizer by Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro and included a short but detailed blog post Image File Optimization Software (Freeware) about my exprience using this tool.
    • Added gzip caching to .htaccess file to compress file sizes and speed up page load.
      Did my research at:
  • Fix security
    • Created .htaccess file to manage errors and prevent hot linking and create a generic error page.
      Did my research at:
    • Add <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> code to files I dodn't want to be crawled or indexed by bots - like error pages or search results pages.
    • Add robot.txt that applies to all bots and back-up meta tag "robots" on pages not to be crawled/indexed.
      Did my research at:
  • Research media solutions on my website.
  • Research scripts solutions on my website.
    • Created a audio.js page to test a script to progressively enhance audio.
  • Research PHP solutions on my website.
    • Created a css.compress.php file to minify my CSS on the fly as a time saving measure.
  • Fix SEO
  • Research PHP solutions on my website.
    • Created a PHP include test page to learn a little about PHP includes.

Winter 2013:

Projects put on hold to finish certification classes. To see training I received in jQuery Mobile with Dreamweaver please go to Classes.

Fall 2013:

Research scripts solutions on my website.

Created a javascript carousel.

Research media solutions on my website.

Created an audio, using progressive enhancement techniques.

Research forms solutions on my website.

Created a Google CSE Search.

Summer 2013:

Research mobile solutions on my website.

Created a jQuery show/hide mobile menu for the main nav.

Research scripts solutions on my website.

Created an jQuery fade/swing slider without using a plugin.

Eventually we will build a slideshow for the home page showcasing my talents.

Projects Spring 2013:

Build a Responsive Portfolio site for

My project is to research and develop a fluid, responsive web site for My tools with involve: HTML5, CSS3 media queries and a 960 fixed-fluid Grid. My goal is to be complete by the end of July 2013.

As this project has progressed new approaches to responsive design have presented themselves to me, therefore this may become an ongoing project even after the first version is complete.

Other needed changes

  • preventing images, video, audio, animation and whatever else I don't want to show from loading and then being display: none; in smartphones and smaller tablets
  • Add 3rd column for big monitors (an Easter egg of sorts) with Social Media Plugins - LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger
  • Add a contact form (maybe)
  • Add a search form (maybe)
  • Add a blog
  • Include relevant Social Media links - LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.,
  • Include a video tour of the site - the idea behind the site and the code
  • Include page for my interests - like painting - include their blogs/Youtube channels
  • Make side navigation show/hide for condensing
  • PNG fix
  • Obfuscate email
  • Research/create a repository for content and assets - without using a CMS tool - to be pulled into templates for easier updating of code in the future to avoid recoding/retro-fitting each individual page
  • revisit the site design to spruce it up a bit
  • perhaps classes and changelog should move to their own sections and not be included on this page

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