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JavaScript and jQuery Scripts Projects

Project Winter 2014:

Build a Responsive jQuery Flexslider

I built a page using a Responsive jQuery Flexslider based on Valeriu Timbuc's edits made to MooTools Flexslider script.

Build a JavaScript smooth scroll

I built a page using a JavaScript Smooth Scroll based on Chris Ferdinandi's Smooth Scroll script on GitHub.

Build a page using JavaScript deferring

I built a page with JavaScript Deferring to test a method that would increase page speed loads by deferring javascript the page doesn't need when loading, making that script load after the page has finished loading.

Project Fall 2013:

Build a JavaScript interactive carousel

I built a JavaScript Carousel using code from my Dakota County Technical College Customized IT Training course - Introduction to JavaScript.

Project Summer 2013:

Build a jQuery slider banner

I built a jQuery slider banner using jQuery fade() swing() methods to test one solution for a future banner for

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